Current ST1 Trainees

Here you can find important dates, courses and conferences, useful learning resources, news about and links to professional organisations and societies.

National Pathology Week 2021 TBC

RCPath Meet the Presidents, TBC

National training for ST1s commencing August 2021

College Welcome Day: TBC

Bristol Teaching Week: TBC

An Introduction to Academic Pathology : Academic Pathology Day 2021 – TBC

Molecular Pathology Module – RCPath curriculum requirement for all ST1s. Free online ‘Introduction to Genomics’ module (complete at own pace – approx 1.5 hours) – TBC

For national training day enquiries, please email Harsha Pancholi at

Regional training for ST1s commencing August 2021 – Block teaching weeks

Please see the dates below. For further information about the regional block teaching weeks please speak to your Training School Lead or Educational Supervisor

Northern Cluster (Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester) – TBC – virtual or in person

  • 2nd block teaching week: Liverpool block teaching: TBC
  • 3rd block teaching week: Location Block Teaching: TBC


Southern Cluster (Bucks/Oxford, Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, Southampton and Cardiff):

  • 2nd block teaching week: TBC
  • 3rd block teaching week: TBC


Central Cluster (Coventry, Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Leicester, Nottingham, Cambridge and Norwich):

  • 2nd block teaching week: TBC
  • 3rd block teaching week: TBC


London and KSS Cluster: TBC

Courses and Conferences

Molecular Pathology Study Day and Approach to Cut-Up – TBC 2021. Check the BDIAP website for details

CM-Path Biomarker WorkshopTBC 2021 at the Royal Society of Medicine in London

Pathological Society Winter meeting (London)TBC 2021

IAP/ESP Congress (Glasow)TBC 2021

Learning Resources

RCPath Datasets – Essential evidence based guides to specimen dissection, sampling and reporting
Web Pathology – Thousands of microscopic images with explanations
Leeds Virtual Pathology ST1 Page – Cases from the curriculum and a database of over 7000 pre-diagnosed images
University of Michigan Virtual Slide Box – 8000+ digital slides across all specialities
Pathology Outlines – The go-to site for quick summaries of all things pathological
Johns Hopkins Surgical Pathology Cases – Thousands of great cases with images, descriptions and clinical correlation
Libre Pathology – A collaborative wiki for pathology featuring clear concise explanations
Stanford Surgical Pathology – Bullet pointed pathology notes
The Rosai Collection – A comprehensive collection of slides seminars and interesting cases
Utah Webpath – Micro and macro images of common pathology organised by system
Pathkids – Southwest England Histopathology Trainees regional website

Professional Organisations and Societies

The Royal College of Pathologists
The Pathological Society
The Association of Clinical Pathologists
British Division of the International Association of Pathologists
European Society of Pathology