Nottingham Training School Trainee Experience

Nottingham Training School Trainee Experience

Dr Sophie Wallace is an ST1 in the East Midlands Training School (Nottingham Rotation). This is her experience:

I am one of three ST1s training in Nottingham this year.  I have always been attracted to Histopathology as it is a very visual specialty looking at the purest form of medicine; the process of disease.  I am particularly interested in autopsy pathology.

At Nottingham we are based at two hospitals (Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital) for the duration of our training with an opportunity to spend one year in a DGH (Derby or Lincoln).  This is a huge advantage, as I know I won’t have to move house in that time and I become part of a department where I remain throughout my training.

In August we spent the first month learning about basic histology and had weekly teaching sessions on each body systems which provided a strong grounding on normal histology before starting to look at abnormal pathology.  We were also introduced to all areas of the laboratory, mortuary and the post-mortem basics.   The ST1 timetable covers 7 different specialties (including gynaecology cytology) during the year with time-tabled post-mortem sessions every other week.

The department in Nottingham has a number of opportunities dependent on your interest.   There are a high number of post-mortems performed within the department meaning plenty of chances to learn and improve your skills.  A number of consultants are keen on research and this has attracted trainees considering clinical fellow posts.  Finally, QMC has Neuropathology and Paediatric Pathology which all trainees can rotate through after ST1.

There are two regional teaching weeks in December/January and our recent teaching covered cytology and autopsy.  I found the teaching to be a high standard and well organised, providing us with a good opportunity to meet up with trainees from other areas in the region.

I am new to the Midlands and I have found it a great experience providing a firm grounding in one of the most interesting specialties in medicine.  I have enjoyed discovering what Nottingham and the surrounding counties have to offer and so far I have found it a great city to live in.